8 Best Types of Content You Should Create for Backlinks -
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8 Best Types of Content You Should Create for Backlinks

Craig Dewart

Written by Craig Dewart

8 Best Types of Content You Should Create for Backlinks
published April 27, 2023

These are the best types of content to write if you want to increase your chances of scoring backlinks.

When it comes to SEO, content is king. There's no point earning links to your content if it's not informative, engaging, and well-written. When a user lands on one of your content pages you want them to stay there, and for their pain points to be solved.

Creating unique and readable content isn't easy. It needs to be well-researched and to make its point concisely.

Let's take a look at the best types of content that you should be creating to earn high-quality backlinks and start climbing up the SERPs.

Why Is Content Important For Link-Building?

Any successful link-building strategy will involve the creation of engaging content. This is the best way to earn quality links from authoritative, niche-relevant sites which improve your rankings on Google and other search engines.

There are certain link-building strategies such as broken link-building and niche edits that don't require original content. However, the most effective link-building campaign will always include bespoke content designed to build your site's authority.

8 Best Types Of Content For Link-Building Success

1) Ultimate guides

Ultimate guides are a great way of earning links from other sites within your niche. Link City creates ultimate guides by choosing a niche-relevant topic and then covering everything a reader could possibly want to know about it.

Our exhaustive research into the subject means that these pieces will help to enhance your brand's reputation as a voice of authority in your field.

An ultimate guide could take the form of a guest blog post on another high-authority site. By guest posting on other sites links can then be built back to your own site to increase relevant traffic.

If the piece is well-executed then it will also earn backlinks from other articles discussing similar subjects.

2) Listed content

List content is also ideal for creating guest posts. Site owners love them because they're easy to read and keep site visitors engaged. Listed content usually consists of numbered points about a specific topic and a short conclusion.

As part of our top link-building strategies, we use listed content to convey detailed information about niche-relevant subjects in a digestible format. External links are then built into these pieces which point back to your website.

3) Original research

Original research is a type of content that's guaranteed to earn you a lot of links. This research can take the form of original surveys or studies about areas of interest related to your niche.

This type of content takes a lot of time and effort to create. This means that other websites are very likely to link to it, rather than conducting the research themselves.

This will build your credibility amongst your target audience. High-authority sites will also start to view your site as a reliable resource page for everything to do with your niche.

4) Statistics & data compilations

Another form of content Link City can use to effectively build links to your site are compilations of data and statistics. This takes less time than conducting original research but is still an effective link-building strategy.

Instead of creating our own research, we use data and statistics from other trustworthy and authoritative sources. We then compile these into a single, engaging article.

For example, if you run a dental website we could create high-quality content that deals with subjects such as:

  • The average annual increase in the number of Americans with dental coverage.
  • The percentage of 20-year-olds with cavities in each US state.

Other sites and bloggers love resource pages like these so it's easy to earn high-quality links to these articles. This will establish your site as a voice of authority and improve your search engine rankings.

5) How-to articles

One of the most common queries that internet users type into search engines is a 'how-to' search. This is why creating 'how-to' content is one of the most common link-building strategies.

By creating content that shows readers how to achieve certain aims or solve specific issues, your website becomes a credible source of knowledge within your niche.

Link City carries out research on the common issues your target audience is searching for answers to. We then use this data to produce informative content that will answer these questions.

'How-to' articles are an effective element of our guest blogging strategies. We then build out relevant links from the guest post to different pages of your website.

6) Infographics

Most search engine optimization experts will tell you that infographics have become one of the most reliable link-building strategies.

Once an infographic is up and running it quickly starts to attract high-quality backlinks. However, they're certainly not easy to produce. They require a lot of creativity, consistency, and patience to pull off.

At Link City, we're highly experienced in creating infographics that are guaranteed to increase your traffic and get you soaring up the SERPs.

Here's how we do it:

  • First, we choose a subject that's relevant to your niche and highly specific to your target audience's interests.
  • For instance, if social media is your niche we'll pinpoint the platform that's getting the most attention.
  • We'll then collect data points related to the subject. These data points will be wireframed so that they logically flow down the page.
  • All of the key stats will be represented visually and we'll also use large fonts so that your infographic really grabs attention.

7) Case studies

Case studies are a similar link-building method to original research. However, they're based entirely on the experience of your own business.

By producing studies to show how you achieved certain outcomes with specific strategies we can attract links to your site. Bloggers and other authoritative sites will want to include links to your studies to show how specific goals can be reached.

8) White papers

White papers are long-form pieces of content that give detailed examinations of subjects that are important to your target audience. These in-depth reports contain lots of information that potential customers will find useful and other sites will want to link to.

They're not supposed to serve as a brochure for your business but are designed to provide well-researched answers to queries within your niche.

Producing white papers takes a lot of time and effort.

Here are the steps Link City takes to create credible white papers for your business:

  • First, we identify a subject that will interest your audience and that will provide answers to pressing queries.
  • We fully research the topic and then present the information objectively and logically.
  • If necessary, we include visual aids such as charts and graphs.
  • The white paper is heavily revised and edited until it's concise and engaging.
  • We make it clear that the white paper has been created by your company but we don't go over the top with branding. White papers aren't supposed to be advertisements but useful resources.

Are you ready to see how we can use expertly crafted content to enhance your authority and push you to the top of the SERPs? Then it's time to buy the link-building blueprint that guarantees success and start your journey with Link City today.


Dofollow links are backlinks that pass on authority from the site of origin to the destination site. The authority that's passed on is known as link equity or link juice. Nofollow links don't pass on any link equity to the destination site.

This means that dofollow links are more valuable as they help to improve your rankings. Although a nofollow link doesn't improve your rankings it still generates traffic to your site.

Building broken links involves identifying links on niche-relevant sites that are no longer working and replacing them with links to your own site instead. It's an effective link-building tool when used in tandem with other strategies.

This method is also often referred to as link reclamation.

How do you create good content?

Good content should be actionable, original, and answer questions. It needs to be concise, unique, properly sourced, well-formatted, and grammatically correct.

Well-crafted content will attract shares and likes and will rank highly on search engine results pages. If it's properly researched it will also enhance your brand's reputation and help to establish you as a voice of authority within your niche.

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