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What are Guest Posts?

Guest posts are a fantastic way to expose your brand to a whole new audience by securing backlinks on incredibly relevant, authoritative domains.

More specifically, they enable us to tap into a domain’s audience by strategically placing relevant, high-quality content that captures a reader’s attention and, ultimately, draws them back through to your site.

Tier One packages

Avg. 1 Links


Guest Posts that have an average DR of 30+ and 100+ Organic Visitors on the page that contains your link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is guest posting and how does it help my SEO?

Guest posting is a great way of building your backlink profile. The basic premise is simple – well written, relevant content is submitted to another website as a “guest post”. This content contains a link to your website and allows the hosting site to share some of its Google authority with you.

Can you Provide samples?

Absolutely, we’re more than happy to pass on some examples. Simply get in touch via email and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Can you offer bulk discounts?

We do indeed! With that in mind, if you’re planning to buy in bulk, please get in touch via email and we’ll arrange your unique pricing plan.

Will I receive a link report?

Of course! You’ll be able to monitor your order’s progress (including delivered links) from your client dashboard.

Who writes the content?

Our fantastic team of dedicated content writers will carefully craft 500+ words of high-quality content for each of your bespoke guest posts.

How long will these placements last?

Link City guest posts are designed to last for several years and, importantly, once they’re established, we won’t take them down.

That being said, under exceptional circumstances, the premature loss of guest posts and links can result from unforeseen external causes (deletion of webpages etc.).

Happily, in order to mitigate this risk, our links are guaranteed for 90 days following their implementation and, within that period, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure any broken or lost links are fixed or replaced as quickly as possible.

How many words do the guest posts have?

Our guest posts contain a minimum of 500 words. However, this figure can be tailored to your requirements.

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