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Why affiliate owners needs a link building strategy

Blog post by Craig Dewart - published at 11/4/2022

Link building can be incredibly challenging if you don't have the requisite knowledge, expertise, and time. Despite these obstacles, however, link building is an SEO tool businesses can't afford to ignore. Here's a look at link building for affiliate sites and why affiliate site owners need it.

Why Is Link Building Important For Affiliate Sites?

No matter what type of business you're running or the kind of website that you have, the importance of link building cannot be overstated. Affiliate websites need to build links as they are vital to how Google's algorithm views and ranks your website. You'll need sufficient link authority if you want your website to appear on the first search engine results page.

In short, link building can develop brand awareness and increase your site's traffic. More traffic means you're more likely to garner conversions and subsequently increase your revenue.

The Benefits Of Using A Link Building Service Provider For Affiliate Sites

Although many affiliate marketers are building links with other websites, the harsh reality ist link building is still complex for non-specialists. Luckily, like many SEO-related tasks, you can outsource your link building to a dedicated service provider. Here are some reasons why you should use a link building service provider like Link City:

Save on marketing costs

An essential aspect of a successful brand is always keeping on top of your finances. The last thing you need is to spend money recklessly on marketing strategies that ultimately don't work.

Instead, invest your trust in a link building service provider who can analyze your needs and devise a cost-effective strategy that performs the way it should.

Relationship building takes time

One of the reasons why link building campaigns fail is that people choose to spearhead the initiative single-handedly. While this is possible, it certainly isn't the recommended approach. Relationship building is a key component of building high-quality links and takes a lot of time.

If you don't commit a sufficient amount of time to your campaign, you won't be able to build meaningful relationships with the stakeholders that matter. Link building service providers have the time and expertise to get this done and to do so properly.

Service providers know people

Link building service providers already have strong relationships with website owners from various industries, so they can easily find backlinking opportunities to expedite the process.

Better chances of reaching your goals

Let's be honest; if you don't have the knowledge, SEO and link building can be a painstaking undertaking. You could spend countless hours Googling how to build links, but even that won't necessarily guarantee the success of your campaign, as executing and managing the campaign are extremely involved.

With a link building service provider, the chances of reaching your goals and the top spot on Google's SERP are significantly higher.

Link Building Strategies For Affiliate Sites

The following are some common link building methods:

Broken link building

The strategy involves finding broken links and providing the content on your own site as a resource to replace them. To do this, you can find broken links on trusted websites and ensure that your content is relevant to the topic in question. If you don't have the content, create and publish high-quality articles or posts to draw traffic away from broken links.

Implement an online tool

You'd be surprised how often people search Google to find a specific online tool. Tools are an excellent way to encourage backlinking, so if you can develop and implement an online tool unique to your field, you may earn a substantial amount of links to your affiliate marketing site.

The skyscraper technique

With this approach, you start by finding topics with several backlinks from websites with high domain authority. You then have to create and publish content on your site related to the chosen topic. The last step is sharing the content and getting the audience as involved as possible.

Guest posts

Guest posting as an affiliate blogger is a quick way to build authority and backlinks. Guest posting is another strategy that requires you to ensure that you target relevant blogs - as long as every guest post you publish is valuable and informative.

Original research and reports

Typical affiliate articles, such as reviews and comparison pieces, are not the best in terms of attracting links. People are always searching for answers on the internet, so if you can provide these (or at least an alternative solution), you significantly increase the chances of search engines viewing your affiliate marketing site as an authority.

Our Link Building Process

In case you're wondering how exactly we get it done, here's a brief overview:

Research and analysis

After your free strategy call, we'll conduct an in-depth analysis of competitor strategies, industry trends, and your goals. This will help us form a unique plan to outperform all the other link-building strategies.


We'll use the knowledge of your goals and target pages to search for clients who would be best for creating backlinks.


This stage involves the creation of an emotive yet equally tactful outreach message.

Content production

Our team creates content in the form of guest posts, which website owners can also use to attract links. They can also perform niche edits on content that has already been published.


At this stage, we start forming multiple backlinks with websites within a closely related or the same niche. We primarily target the most authoritative domains.


After your strategy has been executed, we'll manage the campaign and make any adjustments along the way to ensure you get the best results.

Our Services

Niche edits and guest posts are two robust ways in which you can build 

 and realize the true potential of your affiliate site. One of the best things about our services is that they're available at different tiers, so you have more control over how much you want to spend on your link building campaign.

Niche edits

If an article is already indexed, then 

 are the best link building strategy to employ. We secure niche edits through relationship building, personable outreach, and content fit. Add one of our niche edit packages to increase the visibility and presence of your affiliate website.

Guest posts

A well-written guest post means more potential for link placement. At Link City, we don't just write generic 

. Instead, we ensure that your guest post is relevant, extensively researched, and tailored to your target audience.

Why Choose Us?


You have to get your strategy right when it comes to link building. Link City's team of experts will execute your link building campaign effectively - without having to ask them twice. We leverage our extensive SEO and digital marketing knowledge to craft unique link building strategies.

Quality backlinks

Many people and agencies will add any backlink because that's what they read on some generic SEO blog; however, this is not our approach. We only build high-quality, relevant links because relevant links mean relevant traffic.


Top-tier communication is always a priority for us. Throughout the link building process, you'll receive detailed communication from our team to ensure that your campaign is on the right track and that your needs are being fulfilled.

We get results

Since we began our link building journey, we've helped clients from a variety of wide-ranging industries realize their growth objectives. If you're ready to get results, book a strategy call with us.


What are authoritative sites?

Although the term is subject to some debate amongst SEO professionals, an authoritative site is a dependable source that offers trustworthy information. There's a direct correlation between site credibility and organic traffic.

Approaching these authoritative sites to create backlinking opportunities is the hard part, which is why link building service providers like us can help you with such.

What is a backlink profile?

A backlink profile is the quality and quantity of the inbound links pointing to your website. Your backlink profile directly affects your search ranking. Having an 

 can be of great help if you're unsure about link building quality and quantity.

Which content attracts the most traffic?

This could be highly debatable and could also come down to the type of website. From an SEO perspective, written content has more potential where creating linking opportunities and placing competitive keywords is concerned.

This is not to say that audio and video content don't have their value, but written content is the reason why you'll generally always see a Wikipedia page in the top 10 results when you Google a topic.



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