Link Building For Charities

The importance of link building for charities

Blog post by Kallia Stergianos - published at 11/4/2022

Search engines favour content that is readable and frequently shared, a key aspect of this is the backlinks and ensuring that they're of high quality. The following article will unpack the importance of building links if you're a charity as well as some ideas on how you can do it, and how Link City can help.

The Importance Of A Link Building Strategy For Charities

Although it comes with its fair share of difficulties, link building is critical for any business or organization, regardless of the industry. Simply put, it serves the function of increasing organic search results and traffic.

Additionally, a large number of conversions happen on account of referral traffic or visits to your site from links on another site. This is why it's important to ensure that your charity's name comes up in relation to relevant websites, as this could potentially lead to more recognition, donations, and higher attendance at your charity event.

Link Building Strategy For Charities

Luckily, charities have some slight advantages over your typical business in this regard. However, in addition to there being things that charities should do, there are things that they equally shouldn't.

The link-building advantages of charities

  • Non-profit status - It's often very evident when a business has a questionable agenda of sorts or is operating simply to make a profit. This, in addition to competitor websites, makes link-building significantly harder for them.More often than not, when people in the SEO community are approached by a charity, they're more likely to offer them comprehensive or discounted help, as charities work for noble causes.
  • Credibility - Unlike most businesses, charities, especially local charities, are far easier to trust. Local directories and other websites are generally less hesitant to link to them in comparison to your run of mil for-profit business. It's much easier for charities to obtain high-quality backlinks and subsequently build domain authority.
  • Easier communication - This also links to the non-profit status of charities. Because the operational model of a charity is apparent to most, it's substantially easier for them to approach other sites and local organizations to pitch marketing strategies such as link trading.

What charities shouldn't do

These are some of the digital marketing strategies that charities should avoid using:

  • Using link farms - A link farm is a website or a collective of websites that have been created for the sole purpose of increasing the link popularity of another website by increasing the number of incoming links.Link farms usually look like regular websites but most of the website's content is just hyperlinks that are often completely unrelated. Avoid using link farms as they don't provide much value as far as your audience and content are concerned.
  • Content cloaking - This is an SEO technique in which content presented to the user differs from that presented to search engine bots. The aim of this is to achieve better indexing and search results. Cloaking goes against Google's Webmaster Guidelines. If your site violates these guidelines, Google can take manual action against it.
  • Link trading - Trading links certainly isn't the worst thing you can do, but the efficacy of this primarily depends on the quality of the link you're trading, especially in the context of non-profit organizations.You have to be very selective when doing this and only trade with relevant websites. Trading links with a site with high domain authority and a solid reputation can be very valuable to a charity. Avoid trading with local businesses that are in completely different industries or that can't somehow be linked to yours.

What charities should do

Here are some link-building strategies that your charity can benefit from and that Link City can help you with:

  • Gain links - If you want to build authority and a robust backlink profile, then you'll need to focus on obtaining backlinks from sites that have high authority and are relevant.This can be made easier by conducting extensive research on organizations that are within or adjacent to your field or you can enlist the services of Link City who can get you the best paid links.
  • Make the most of social media - If you haven't already, start a Facebook page or a Twitter account. These platforms can be a good way to communicate your fundraising initiatives, as people are quite likely to share a link or post related to a charity event.
  • Create blog posts - A unique blog post is an easy way to establish and bolster your online reputation. A good blog post can also make you appear as the authority on a certain subject, which could substantially increase organic traffic.Blogs are an ideal way to create information-rich content which has more linking potential. Other sites are much more likely to connect to you if they believe your content has valuable information.If you already have a blog then it may be time for you to update the content. This could involve restructuring it, adding relevant links, or creating something entirely new.
  • Use outbound links - Be sure to avoid adding too many outbound links when making updates, as search engines may consider your site "spammy" which, in turn, can weaken your site's authority.There are instances during which a page has an excessive amount of outbound links but still has a high authority. If this is the case, then it's an indication that there should be enough link juice for other sites.
  • Reverse image search - If you've been running campaigns or events such as a sponsored walk, then chances are that your logo was used. Run a reverse image search of your logo or any images you've put online to see if you've been cited. If you have, ask the site to include a link to your website.
  • Improve your outreach - Outreach is a vital aspect of link-building strategy that organizations often forget about. As a charity, you should do your best to form relations and build links with organizations, businesses, and other local charities that share your charity's values.Get in touch with these organizations to promote content that they may find useful, tell them who you are, and how their linking to your website can be mutually beneficial.Outreach initiatives should only end when your link-building strategy does.
  • Use your local network - Community resources can be incredibly valuable in terms of improving your local presence and fundraising efforts. Leverage local listing sites, businesses, and even the local chamber of commerce to build awareness around your cause.Building your local presence is an important link-building strategy for charities, as it can result in your charity's name appearing more frequently on search engine result pages, particularly for local area searches.

Easy Link Opportunities For Charities

Now that we've given you a breakdown of how link building can be helpful, you might be in a rush to start doing it yourself. While you could do that, you need to remember that doing this incorrectly could seriously hamper your page authority and site ranking.

Luckily, Link City has a range of

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Guest Post Guideline

Online reputation and brand image are extremely important for non-profit organizations. When we build links for charities, we ensure that any mention of your name perfectly aligns with your guidelines and represents your brand well.

We'll make sure that your donation pages have the appropriate links and tactful wording to encourage both donations and strong belief in your cause.

Our Services

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If your article is already indexed, then niche edits can be an incredibly useful way of placing a link where one could and should go. We secure niche edits through personable outreach, building relationships, and content fit.

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Can influencers help with link building?

Influencers can do a lot for a digital marketing campaign, given that they often inspire people to share content and links. Besides getting more traffic to your contribution page, they also have the potential to help you reach a niche audience.

What does a low authority score mean?

In general, if your domain authority score is low, it means that your site is less-trusted. However, this isn't the end of the world, as we have a team of experts who know exactly how to counteract this.

Are inbound links more important than outbound links?

Both of these types of links can contribute to your website's success, however, inbound links are ultimately more important for improving a page's ranking.

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