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Link Building For Gaming Industry

Craig Dewart

Written by Craig Dewart

Link Building For Gaming Industry
published November 4, 2022

Find the fun in link building, effective link building strategies in the gaming industry

Building links is an important part of SEO for just about any website, including the gaming industry. But it can be difficult to find the time to devote to this practice - and it's not always easy to carry out or successful to implement if you aren't an expert in the SEO field.

Read on to find out how Link City's link-building strategies can help bring more organic traffic to your website.

SEO link-building, when composed correctly, can be a solid strategy to increase both the quality and quantity of incoming links to your website.

But why are these links so important to a website?

Google and other search engines use these links as a method of scoring your site's popularity and credibility. When a website has high-authority backlinks, Google deems this a mark of trust and, in order to give the best user experience, promotes your website up the ranks of the SERPs because it believes your website will deliver what users are searching for.

If your links are more authoritative than your competitors' links and you have more of them, there's a high chance that you could even outrank your closest competitors, meaning lots of organic traffic will be coming your way.

Link-building is a skill, and it certainly shouldn't be attempted if you don't know what you are doing. Why? Well, potentially, there's a lot that could go wrong. It could lower your appearance on the search engine results pages, or it could make your website completely disappear from them.

It's really not worth the (very real) risk. Below are five reasons why you should consider choosing a service provider like Link City to take care of link-building for your website:

Relationship building doesn't happen overnight

Relationship building can be hard - and it certainly takes time to do. Thankfully, here at Link City, it is a skill we know well, and creating lasting relationships is something we care passionately about.

Saves you time

Spoiler alert: Watching YouTube videos or reading online blogs about building links will not turn you into a link-building expert. Plus, it takes a lot of time to get right. So, why not focus your attention on the things you are really good at in order to help your business thrive?

When you are running a business website, sometimes it just feels like 24 hours is not enough. What time you do have should be used to focus on the areas of your business where your skills and knowledge can really make a big impact. Leave the SEO to the professionals and save time by doing so.

Bad links pointing to your website can be tricky, and the Google algorithm will be quick to pick up on their presence. This is why using an agency such as Link City can be so effective. We know exactly how to avoid bad links and get your website ranking higher than ever before with only the best and highest quality links.

Protects your website

With the constant risk of penalties from search engines, with Link City, you can be sure that we will only ever use white hate tactics to ensure that your website is never at risk of that dreaded punishment from Google and co.

Allows you to create a huge lead over your competition

With our link0building service, we can have you ahead of the competition in as much time as it takes to scream "SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION." The links we use are always high-quality and 100% relevant, which means you are taking a huge step in front of your competition, leaving them in the lurch.

In order for you to understand how we at Link City work, here is a rundown of our foolproof process of how to build links

Research and analysis

The first thing we'll do when we work with you is thoroughly understanding your business, your objectives and your website. Then we'll analyze in detail what your competitors are doing so that we can help you to outrank them.


The second stage of our process is to search for potential clients so we can generate links. We use your top pages to search for suitable candidates.


Next, as part of our link-building strategy, we craft a fantastic outreach message which will be used to form genuine relationships with websites that are fully relevant to yours.

Content production

Our writers are on hand and ready to provide a guest blog that is highly readable and keeps the reader gripped until the very end.

Our Services

We have a range of services that can be included in a link-building strategy. Two of these include:

Niche Edits

Niche edits simply refer to those bits of content that have already been indexed by the search engines. The process involves placing high-quality links on

Guest Posts

Our dedicated team of writers can compose an excellently written and thoroughly researched guest post on any topic of your choosing. A blog post will help to bring in an increase in traffic to your website while sourcing you high-quality backlinks to domains with high authority.

Why Choose Us

Why choose us to help you formulate a solid link-building strategy? Let us tell you below:


Our talented team lives and breathes SEO. And, what we don't know about SEO really isn't worth knowing. We have the experience and expertise to create the perfect backlink profile package that will bring in lots more traffic to your website and hopefully leads to lots and lots of business.

Quality Backlinks

We only will ever work with high-quality backlinks to help you increase traffic to your website and, therefore, potential leads. We'll make it our aim to understand your business objectives, something that many service providers fail to do. You don't have to settle for mediocre links with us. Only 100% relevant and high-quality will do for our customers.


We know it might be nerve-wracking when you hand over such an important job as link-building to someone else. That's why we will provide you with your very own account manager who will keep you in the loop throughout each stage.

We get results

We are renowned for our amazing results. Look at our Trust Pilot reviews and see why we are making such a positive stir in the SEO world!


Does Google punish link-building?

Potentially. When it is carried out incorrectly, Google will take issue with it. Depending on the severity of the mistake, Google may deem it suitable for a penalty which means your website will not rank at all. It's for this reason we always recommend that the time-consuming and potentially stressful task of link-building is always left in the capable hands of Link City.

Link juice is simply another term for link equity, which refers to the amount of value or authority that backlinks can pass onto another website when it is placed on it. The higher the amount of link juice a backlink can give to a website, the better and more powerful it is.

Link building is one of the best ways you can get your website more authority and sail up the Google rankings. But, it takes a lot of skill and knowledge of SEO in order to carry out effective link-building. Getting it wrong can lead to 'Google jail time,' aka a penalty.

Can link-building be bad for my business?

When you build links, you are gaining authority. However, it is imperative that the job is carried out correctly. There's a lot of room for things to go wrong, and when this happens, there's every chance Google will recognize it and potentially fix you with a website penalty, the results of which can be extremely detrimental to a website.

Therefore, link-building should always be carried out by experts.

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