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Boost your traffic with a successful link building campaign

Blog post by Craig Dewart - published at 11/4/2022

Link-building is a key part of any digital marketing strategy for healthcare businesses. Simply put, if you're not building links then you're missing out on business.

So, let's take a close look at the ways in which Link City can increase your site's authority and boost your traffic with a successful link-building campaign.

Why is Link Building Important for Healthcare?

Whether it's running a medical practice, a hospital, or any business within the healthcare industry, an effective link-building strategy is essential.

By the end of 2022, it's estimated that healthcare industry revenue will reach $60 billion. To make the most of this, you need to ensure that you have a solid online brand.

Link-building is one of the best ways to do this. A successful link-building campaign will boost your website rankings on Google and other search engines. This will build your brand's authority and increase relevant traffic to your website.

If your site is earning high-quality links from other websites then Google will prioritize it. This expands your credibility amongst your target audience and makes you a voice of authority within your niche.

If you want to start climbing to the top of the SERPs then you need a healthcare link-building strategy from Link City.

The Benefits Of Using A Link-Building Service Provider for Healthcare Companies

Now that you're aware of the power of an effective healthcare link-building campaign you may be thinking of doing it yourself. Well, we'll be honest, you shouldn't.

Link-building is a skill that requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. The dedication that's needed for it to be successful takes a huge amount of time.

As a person within the healthcare industry, your time is at a premium. You don't want to spend countless hours contacting domain owners and testing links.

What you need is Link City.

We're specialists in the field of link-building for healthcare companies and choosing to work with us has many benefits.

Our relationships

Over the years, we've built up an extensive portfolio of contacts within the healthcare industry. We have strong relationships with the owners of some of the most authoritative domains in healthcare, and we can use them to build links to your site.

Link City's reputation means that we're trusted within the industry. We use this trust to link your site to credible, external websites within healthcare and boost the credibility of your own brand.

Increased traffic and conversions

Link-building is one of the best ways for healthcare companies to improve their Google rankings. As your site moves up the SERPs, your target audience will start to view it more favorably. This steadily increases your relevant traffic.

With greater credibility and authority comes higher rates of conversions. As your brand's credibility grows, site visitors are more likely to follow through with a conversion. This is a prime example of how building links can grow your business.

Enhanced visibility

Terms related to healthcare services are amongst the most searched for on Google. If your healthcare company isn't appearing near the top of the SERPs then you're missing out on a lot of business.

By building links to authoritative and relevant websites Link City increases the visibility of your brand. This pushes you up the rankings and exposes you to the audience that needs to be visiting your website.

Our Link Building Process

Link City is the professional link-building service you need to enhance your online presence. We guarantee that we have a link-building strategy that will work for your healthcare business.

Let's take a look at the six steps we take to effectively build links for your website.

Research and analysis

Before we start building links for your healthcare business we fully research your company. Research is a vital step in your campaign that Link City dedicates itself to. This is how we go about it:

  • We scour every page on your website to determine where opportunities for linking already exist.
  • We conduct in-depth research of your healthcare business and your website. This helps us to develop an understanding of your goals and how we can make sure that you achieve them.
  • We spend a lot of time conducting research on your competitors' sites. We can then build a database on the successful elements of their link-building strategies. This information is used to get your site ranking higher than theirs.


The next step is to compile a database of potential clients for your healthcare business. We assess the pages that your target audience is engaging with so that we can establish the best sites to place your links.


By reaching out to the hosts of other relevant domains, such as medical sites, we develop useful connections that help your campaign. Link City uses these connections to build links from sites that fully relate to your niche.

Content production

Link City's experts will develop a wider digital marketing strategy that involves unique content production. We'll create high-quality content about subjects that directly relate to your niche and use rich anchor text to link back to your site.


A big part of our strategy will be to build high-quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority. This will increase the credibility of your own website and change the way it's viewed by your target audience.


The amazing results of Link City's link-building strategy might take you by surprise. As your Google rankings skyrocket and your traffic increases, you may start to wonder why you waited so long.

These results won't just be temporary. Our strategy is built for long-term, sustainable success.

Our Services

Niche Edits

At Link City, we utilize the broad reach of our relationships with website hosts to place links into already existing articles. This allows us to target relevant articles that your audience is already engaging with.

We can then build links from these articles to your site to increase traffic.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way for Link City to increase your brand's exposure. By guest posting on other websites that are relevant to your niche, we can place links in the places where your target audience will see them.

Link Building Packages

If you're ready to start the journey to enhanced authority and ranking highly in the SERPs, then check out our


Why Choose Us


Building links without the required skills and knowledge can badly damage your brand's reputation. It will also eat up a huge amount of your time. Link City has the expertise to effectively build links for you and save you valuable time.

Quality Backlinks

We obtain backlinks for your site from highly reputable and authoritative websites. We ensure that these sites are fully relevant to your niche to avoid any low-quality backlinks that can damage your site's credibility.


In any relationship good communication is key. We know that this is especially true when it comes to our communication with our clients. We'll keep you up to date every step of the way.

We'll also provide you with access to a dedicated account manager to answer any queries you have during the campaign.

We get results

Ultimately, results are what matter most. Our methods are guaranteed to boost the rankings of your healthcare business and increase your brand's visibility. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.


How does guest posting help my healthcare site?

Guest posting is a simple but highly effective way to build your site's authority. Link City makes connections with the hosts of sites that are relevant to the healthcare industry. We then create unique, engaging content that is posted to these sites.

These guest posts contain links to your website to drive relevant traffic to it.

What are high-quality backlinks?

Backlinks that are high-quality are 'do-follow' backlinks that are placed on high-authority websites. These backlinks exist on pages that are fully relevant to your niche and are embedded within related keywords.

How long does it take for you to secure Niche Edits?

It usually takes around 7 to 14 days for Link City to secure Niche Edit links. However, for more complex tasks it can take up to 30 days.


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