Link Building For Hospitals -
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Link Building For Hospitals

Craig Dewart

Written by Craig Dewart

Link Building For Hospitals
published November 4, 2022

Use links to boost success, enquiries, digital PR and overall digital presence

Link building strategies are a vital part of success in the healthcare industry. An effective link building campaign for healthcare companies can be the difference between plenty of traffic and great visibility, versus a medical practice website that barely sees any online visitors.

Thankfully, at Link City, we have the tools and expertise to help your website go from strength to strength. We work with businesses in many industries, including healthcare companies, and our skilled and experienced SEO professionals know all the ins and outs of using links to boost success.

An effective link building strategy is an invaluable and highly effective method of gaining higher authority for your healthcare practice and overall healthcare services.

Link building is part of SEO, or search engine optimization, whereby a healthy link building strategy will see your website gain an increasing amount of incoming links.

This is a big deal in the world of SEO because Google and other search engines use it to measure websites (including medical sites) in terms of trustworthiness, credibility and how popular they are.

If your healthcare link building strategy consists of high-authority backlinks, Google deems you an authority in your industry and a site that can be relied upon. When you have lots of high-authority backlinks on your website, there's a very good chance that you will soon be outranking your competitors - other healthcare companies, in this case - on SERPs.

These powerful little links can help make or break a website in the healthcare industry. Link building can work miracles in terms of increasing traffic and leads, which will likely lead to more people purchasing your products and services. While the quality of the links you use is important, quantity is a factor, too.

However, it's always better to have one good quality link over two or three basic ones, especially if you own a medical practice - nobody wants to see a healthcare professional if their website is sub-par.

Yet, as we shall see, many in the healthcare industry simply do not have the time or experience to create a successful healthcare link building campaign. And it can be dangerous for your website to attempt link building without knowing what you are doing. (FYI: If you haven't yet heard of the dreaded Google penalty, you soon will.)

So read on to find out why using a service provider such as Link City is the perfect way to smash your link building goals and get your website ranking higher than ever across search engines.

Link building isn't easy, nor quick to implement, and that's why you need someone like Link City who knows exactly what they are doing. A shoddy, half-hearted link building campaign could have dire effects on your website or even "earn" you a Google penalty - not something to be proud of.

But we are here to help! Take a look at these five reasons why you should consider a highly trained, professional and friendly link building service like Link City:

Allows you to create a considerable lead over your competition

We find you only the best quality links, so you can gain authority and, ultimately, more traffic to your website. This tactic can increase your sales, leading to more money for your business - and what business doesn't need more of that these days? Hospitals may have been swamped with patients over the past two years, yet it is rare to find a medical practice flourishing financially - unless their staff is worked to the bone.

Saves you time

Link building can be time-consuming for those not in the know. Wouldn't you prefer to put your time and skillset into the areas of your business where you know you can make a difference? While we covered the link building aspect, you can use that spare time to do whatever you need to.

Relationship building doesn't happen overnight

Relationship building is hard work, and the results don't show right away. Thankfully, it's a skill we are very well versed in and well-known for in the SEO world.

Creating bad backlinks is just one way to get your website a Google penalty. These penalties can be severe, and it's something that no website, particularly medical websites, can afford to risk.

Protects your website

Above all else, using a service provider like Link City will give you peace of mind that your website is in completely safe hands.

Our link building process has four stages. Let's take a quick look at how we get businesses like yours the results they deserve:

Research and analysis

First things first: we get an in-depth understanding of your business's day-to-day operation, your objectives, and your website. We'll also make it our mission to see precisely what your competitors are up to and how we can have you outranking them.


Next, it's time to research potential clients that best match your top pages.


The third step in our process is to craft an outreach message to form genuine relationships with high-ranking, authoritative and 100% relevant websites.

Content production

We have an amazing team of content writers who can craft you a high-quality and 100% unique guest blog - if you require it. This will bring about lots of link building opportunities.

Our Services

Niche edits

Niches edits can be performed on already-indexed content. We can place high-quality links in the content and remove any bad links.

Guest posts

Guest posts are a great way to build links. Our fantastic team of writers will create a guest post in just about any niche, bringing more traffic to your website as we get quality backlinks on high authority domains.

Why Choose Us?


We have the skill, the know-how, the experience, and, dare we say it, the talent to get the job done right. We have a team of SEO experts ready to craft you a bespoke link building strategy.

Quality backlinks

You're more likely to see higher authority and more search traffic when you use high-quality backlinks. High authority plus first-rate backlinks can quickly transform into valuable leads. For this reason, we ensure that we conduct a thorough competitor analysis to assess how their website rankings compare to yours.


We know how important it is to have a comprehensive understanding of what we are doing to help make your website the best it can be. That's why, when you purchase a link building package with us, we'll provide you with your very own account manager who will be on hand to give you help and assistance, should you need it, throughout every single step.

We get results

We get excellent results for our clients, time and time again. Check out our Trust Pilot reviews if you don't believe us!


What is a low authority score?

A low authority score indicates that a web page may appear further down on SERPs. A higher score, therefore, will denote that your chances of landing on the first page of Google are much higher.

While both inbound and outbound links are very important in SEO, ultimately, outbound links will make the most significant mark on your website.

Yes. Influencer marketing is big business and a very effective strategy that can help you to build authoritative links for your website. These then have a direct impact on traffic to your site, as well as engagement and overall visibility.

A good backlink should be relevant, trustworthy and have high authority. It should always be placed naturally, and it should always be acquired using only white hat SEO tactics.

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