Link Building For Manufacturing Sites

Obtaining leads and increasing exposure for manufacturing businesses

Blog post by Kallia Stergianos - published at 11/4/2022

Obtaining leads and increasing exposure is key to success for manufacturing companies. The intersection of these factors is where digital marketing and SEO come into play. One SEO strategy often overlooked yet highly effective is link building. The following article will run you through link building for manufacturing sites.

Why Is Link Building Important For Manufacturing Sites?

When people search for a manufacturing company on Google (or any search engine), they're presented with hundreds of sites - so overwhelming that people rarely look past the top ten search results. One of the main objectives of link building is to get your website to the top of the search engine results page.

Search engines, such as Google, rank web pages according to the quantity and quality of inbound links to a website. If your website has a good backlink profile, then you'll rank higher on Google search results which can, in turn, lead to more organic traffic, high-quality leads, and, if all goes well, conversions.

While many of you may be thinking of closing shop early to start link building, the harsh reality is that link building is not an easy task, which is why many enlist the services of a link building agency.

The Benefits Of Using A Link Building Service Provider For Manufacturing Sites

As we said, link building is challenging, so you can outsource rather than struggle through it yourself. One of the main reasons why outsourcing your link building is a better approach is because it's effectively a full-time job, so you have to have enough time to do it and to do it right. Here are other reasons you should partner with a link building service provider.

Saves time

Successful link building doesn't happen overnight; you must dedicate considerable time to building relationships, creating content, and finding the best link building strategies. Running a manufacturing business would make it near-impossible to run a successful link building campaign simultaneously.

Outsourcing will allow you to keep running your business while someone else helps it grow through link building.

Helps you avoid bad links

Most people think link building merely means putting more links on their website - which couldn't be further from the truth. An important part of any link building strategy is building the correct links.

Google typically ignores links that are unnatural or don't represent a genuine recommendation, so having a bad link could harm your growth objectives. Luckily, link building agencies know the difference between bad and good links.

Relationship building isn't easy

Having to approach website owners or any potential stakeholder can cause a lot of people anxiety. Beyond the fear of rejection, you also have to find the right words to craft a compelling message.

Link building companies make relationship-building look easy, as most have been doing it for a long time. In addition, link building agencies already have relationships with website owners in various industries.

It's faster than doing it yourself

If you're thinking about doing the link building yourself, you must be prepared to do a lot of research and make mistakes. On the other hand, if you hire a link building service provider, you won't have to learn a thing. This frees up time and headspace so you can reach your organic traffic goals within a shorter timeframe.

It's more cost-effective

Hiring an in-house SEO professional with at least five years of experience will cost you an average of $74 000 a year. Your company can spend a tiny fraction of that amount on hiring a specialist agency to do your link building.

In addition to being cheaper, linking-building agencies have much more in terms of resources and can thus get the job done much quicker than a single SEO.

Link Building Tips For Manufacturing Sites

Here are some quick link building strategies for manufacturing websites:

Local link building

When people search for a manufacturing site, they usually want one in their area. Many Google searches are local searches, so local link building is ideal for getting your business' name out there and ranking near the top of SERPs.

Broken link building

This tactic involves finding broken links and replacing them with a link to your own resources. This link building strategy involves finding a high-performing website in a similar niche.

Online directories

Online directories are websites that list businesses in different categories. You can find a directory listing only manufacturing businesses and ask to be listed there. Include as much information as possible in your request, as this could substantially improve your search engine rank.

Guest posting

A guest post or blog post is a piece of content you can write to get featured on another website or blog to expand your internet presence. It's one of the most valuable ways to get links to your own website and increase your online visibility.

Link exchanges

A link exchange is what it sounds like: you trade links with other websites. This is another link building strategy that relies on solid relationships with relevant websites.

Our Link Building Process

At Link City, we make link building look easy. Here is a brief overview of how we do it:

Research and analysis

The first step is always conducting extensive research. This allows us to stay on top of industry trends, assess competitor strategies, and determine the best link building strategies for you.


We'll use your website's best-performing content or target pages to identify the most viable link building clients.


During this stage, we use the knowledge of your goals and the clients we've identified to create a tailored outreach message.

Content production

Our team of content writers will craft well-researched guest blog posts to facilitate link building. Depending on your package, Link City also provides niche edits.


To start bolstering your link profile, we'll begin the process of building backlinks with the most trustworthy domains.


Once your backlink strategy is in full swing, you can sit back and relax while we monitor your campaign and make adjustments as needed. Soon, you'll start seeing measurable growth in your organic traffic.

Our Services

We have two primary services that can help skyrocket your position on search engines:

Niche edits

Through personal outreach, relationship building, and content fit, we can secure 

 to create more links to your website.

Guest posts

Our writing team writes high-quality content that is keyword-rich and optimized for search engines. 

 are ideal, as they create opportunities for link building.

Why Choose Us?


At Link City, we have a dedicated team of SEO professionals who know the best link building techniques and when and how best to use them. You'll never have to worry throughout your campaign as you'll be in safe hands.

Quality backlinks

We don't just build backlinks for the sake of building backlinks. Instead, do our absolute best to only build high-quality links with the most authoritative domains, and we never settle for less.


Beyond just giving you the 

, we'll give you the best in communication throughout your entire campaign. If there's ever anything that you're unsure of or want to be changed, then our SEO team is just one phone call or email away. Think of us as your link building partner.

We get results

We pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done. Besides just getting it "done," we do our best possible job every time, and we have the numbers to show this. Take a look at our 

 if you don't believe us.


Can I use a free tool to build links?

You can use one of the free tools to build links, but it's more of a question of whether you should use them. While these tools may advertise themselves as an effective way to build links, they aren't and could even lead to your website violating Google's webmaster guidelines.

Rather invest your trust in a link building service provider like Link City.

Will I need more than one service?

You may need to leverage more than one service, depending on your growth objectives. Luckily, our free strategy call can help you decide which of our link building services will work best for you.

Are backlinks different from external links?

Outbound or external links are the opposite of backlinks. Link building aims to get external links pointing to your website from other sites.


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