6 Link-Building Tips -
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6 Link-Building Tips

Craig Dewart

Written by Craig Dewart

6 Link-Building Tips
published April 27, 2023

Check out our top link building tips here.

At the heart of all successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns lies a solid link building strategy. This strategy needs to be unique to your web page, expertly planned out, and professionally executed.

When helping you devise this strategy, link experts will normally explain to you the difference between white hat and black hat link building techniques. They'll then encourage you to focus on the former and completely disregard the latter.

However, not all white hat techniques are beneficial, and not all black hat techniques are bad. Namely, paid links can help you out massively if carried out responsibly.

Instead of going over the standard white hat-black hat spiel, we'll highlight our top 6 link building tips that will get your web pages in the high-ranking end of Google.

Your level of link building proficiency can either make or break your SEO efforts. With authoritative links, you can climb right to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), establish your audience, and give your high-quality content the domain authority it deserves.

On the other hand, poorly executed backlink building will leave you penalized by Google, stuck at the bottom of the search results, and as far behind your competitors as you could possibly be.

While SEO should always be seen as a multi-faceted project, with all cogs turning correctly, it wouldn't get anywhere without professional link building. Your high-quality content would go unread if authoritative sites didn't link back to it, and search engines would never know how to approach your page without keyword-rich backlinks.

Link building strategies are important as they are the glue that holds SEO together.

Here, we'll reveal to you our favorite intermediate and advanced link building approaches that will help you ascend through Google's search results pages. Instead of going over the common link strategies, we thought we'd share unique approaches that work for us that you should definitely include as part of your link-collecting efforts.

  • Secure niche edits

Niche edits are the act of adding a backlink to a webpage that's already live. The benefits of this include guaranteed link juice (the amount of domain authority and ranking power a link provides) and an instantaneous high level of organic traffic. The more established and popular the linking page, the stronger the niche edit.

Niche edits work best when you bring value to the linking page. Normally, you'll have to provide some added text to make your niche edit fit the surrounding text. Many webmasters permit you to make your own niche edit on their document rather than them doing it for you. This way, you can place the link strategically by picking prime anchor text.

Although niche edits are easier to acquire than guest posts, it's difficult to find a top-ranking site that is willing to permit it. This is where Link City can help you out. We can use our outreach power to secure high-quality niche edits from some of the highest-ranking domains in your field.

Buy the link building blueprint today to get the best-fitting niche edit inbound links for your website.

  • Get guest blogging spots

If you regularly write informative and valuable pieces of content on your niche, why not donate one of these blog posts to another website and secure a backlink in the process? Guest blogging is pretty self-explanatory - you write a guest post for another website and embed a backlink to your website within the text.

When choosing guest posting spots, you need to find websites that are within the same niche as you. This way, you can attract traffic from their website to yours. Plus, the more domain authority the chosen site has, the more power it passes onto your domain.

Google and other search engines value guest blogging links the same they would any other link, despite the fact it's you that's technically creating the content.

Although it's still easy to gain guest spots from low-ranking domains free of charge, the top-ranking websites won't allow you to create a blog post on their site without a price. In recent years, websites have figured out the value of permitting guest posting spots, and have turned it into a commodity.

Through Link City, you can get your backlink campaign off to a flying start by letting us cover your guest posting requirements entirely. Not only will we secure the guest post spot for you, but we'll also write it for you and plant within it the perfect backlink and anchor text.

  • Conduct broken link building

Fixing broken links on the internet is an easy way to build links. Not only is it beneficial to you but also to the webmaster of the site with the missing hyperlinks. When a link breaks, it can sometimes take a while for the webmaster to realize this. Faulty links can be damaging to a webpage, as they add no value to the domain.

This strategy involves using a broken URL checker to identify missing links on sites you'd like to receive a backlink from. For this, you could use the likes of Screaming Frog SEO Spider or Xenu's Link Sleuth, both of which will be able to find you broken link opportunities.

Once you identify faulty links, you could either write a suitable replacement piece or, if you already have a fitting article prepared, you can go straight to contacting the webmaster. By notifying the webmaster of the broken link, they may permit you to replace the broken hyperlink with a link to your own blog.

  • Carry out original research and present your findings in infographics

Although quality content is key, sometimes you need to add a little extra value to your page to make it backlink-worthy. Instead of lifting information from elsewhere, conducting your own research, case studies, and surveys would give your domain the reputation of a valuable resource page.

The best way to secure backlinks from other sites would be to present your original information in an attractive infographic. This way, other sites would be able to easily lift your information and grant you a backlink in the process. Making your information easily sharable is key when building links.

However, there is no guarantee that every website that uses your infographics will give you a backlink. Although a website should provide a source for anything they take from another website, some websites will attempt to pass off infographics as their own work.

Luckily, it's easy to keep tabs on who's using your infographics by performing a Google reverse image search. To do this, copy the infographic URL, click on the camera icon on Google search, and paste the URL. Google will then throw up all the corners of the internet where your image is currently being used. From here, you can individually check to see what site owners are backlinking to you and who aren't.

  • Get interviewed

If your niche is worthy of podcast discussion, try to appear as a guest on someone else's show. This way, not only can you promote your website on the podcast itself, but you can also gain a backlink from the website who are hosting you.

If you haven't already, we'd recommend setting up a regular podcast for your own domain. This way, you can easily trade guest spots with other podcasters and appear on their shows in return. Getting involved with podcasts allows you to tap into a whole new market and widen your sources of site traffic.

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of podcasting, which is why it's considered to be an advanced link building strategy. If you're not comfortable with the thought of hearing your own voice played back to you, you could try to seek out a text-based interview opportunity. This could also work as a good way of promoting your platform.

Not only are text-based interviews easier to carry out, but you can also think about your answers more and come across stronger than you would be able to in a podcast setting.

  • Keep an eye on the competition

Lastly, keeping tabs on your competitor's backlink efforts is a good way to know how far you've still got to go. Although your own backlink project demands plenty of attention, you should dedicate some of your time to studying your competitor's backlinks and finding out which sites are granting them ranking power.

Using the likes of Moz's site explorer, you can check the inbound link profile of any URL you paste in its search bar. This way, you can judge how your own high-quality links compare.

You could also turn on Google Alerts to notify you of whenever a change is made to your competitor's link profile.

Final Thoughts

The more high-quality and relevant links pointing to your site, the better. Your page authority depends on writing quality content but also on how many links you have referencing your site as a quality source of information.

Our favorite backlink strategies include niche edits, guest blogs, broken link building, infographic creation, and podcast promotion. A good mix of these approaches will have you ranking in the SERPs in no time.

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