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Google rankings without breaking the bank

Link Building
isn't a system.
It's a skill.

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9/10 businesses are butchering their rankings instead of building them. It’s an SEO secret blanketed by professionals unwilling to share their expertise, causing novices to surf right into the ‘Time-Poorly-Spent’ turf.

It’s time to take the blanket off. While the “Ranking Killing” mistakes happen all around you, doors also open. Thanks to the butchering wolves that tear their sites down, more opportunities are up for grabs to take that top spot on Google. But how do you get there? This Link City Programme will fly you to the top with no return.

That’s right, you’ll get there, and you’ll stay there. Here’s your one-way ticket to the top of Google.

The Link Playbook

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The benefits of using
The Link Playbook

Link building is not a system. It’s a skill. This playbook of skills that took us years to learn will save you time and money.


Dedication, dedication, dedication...

Say it three times, and you’ll have a devoted manager at your beck and call. You’ll become Bob the Link Builder in no time with our experience and secrets to campaign correctly. What's our goal? To give you results and rankings and uncover the SEO blanket so that your vision is clear. What's the vision? Beating your competitors, so you are the number one in SERPs.


You’ll be the new “Where have I seen that name before?”

You'll be the name that competitors curse and applaud simultaneously. You’ll no longer question, “how are my rivals STILL increasing their rankings?” Instead, your rivals will be asking that about YOU. Recognition in SEO is the KEY to maximising your business. We’ll help improve your brand to keep the traffic and the clients coming. What will you be recognised as? The gift that keeps on linking.


You’ll dodge the pesky fees of link building like evading bullets in the Matrix.

Trying to build links and a team of successful website architects will put a strain on your passion and your bank account.

You heard it here, and you heard it right: The economy is fake. Typically, a link building novice will spend THOUSANDS testing the right system until they get it right.

It's the results that count

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The Link Playbook

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What's in
this Program?

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  • An epic three methods on how to avoid becoming the Link Butcher that nearly every site becomes
  • The secret of how to build links without crashing down
  • How to highly rank on how to avoid becoming the Link Butcher that nearly every site becomes
  • How tohide from the traffic killer (the algorithm updates)
  • What anintelligent Link Builder can never rank without
  • The ultimate key that seems to be invisible to most SEOs
  • A 6 month link-building plan

Who's this training for?

  • Business Owners: We’ll supply you with accurate clear-as-day data. Get out of the shade of suspect SEO Consultants. We’ll help you monopolise your brand so you can walk on your own.
  • E-Commerce Owners: We have a dictionary of keywords constantly ranked Number 1 on Google. We’re just waiting to share them with you so that you can grow your website and have a tsunami of growth flow consistently throughout.
  • SEO Companies: Our training will help you help your clients. Then, with our help and your client’s budget, you can give accurate telling to your clients and estimate their ranking results.
  • Literally, anybody who wants organic traffic flowing through their website: If you’re not a time-waster, then we’ve got time to give.

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