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How to lighten the load by outsourcing your link building

Blog post by Kallia Stergianos - published at 11/4/2022

When it comes to SEO strategies, none is more crucial than link building. Links are the foundation of Google (and other search engines) algorithms, and quality links play a pivotal role in determining how high your site ranks on search engine result pages (SERPs).

High-quality backlinks that point toward your company website can increase your site's visibility and significantly increase your organic traffic.

So, with link building being as important as it is, how do you go about the link building process?

The good news is you can outsource this task to an agency specializing in running link building campaigns.

Outsourcing link building means you hire a service provider with a team of SEO experts who can create backlinks for their clients and offer ongoing support and maintenance.

If you want to outsource your link building, look no further than 


The Advantages Of Outsource Link Building Services

Although you can do link building in-house, there are several advantages to hiring an outsource link building agency like Link City. It is, however, crucial that you hire a company that uses white hat link building practices that ethically source quality links.

Here are some advantages of outsourced link building:


Sourcing and building links is a time-intensive practice. When you outsource this service, you do not have to hire anyone in-house to do your link building for you, and you also free up a lot of your own time to run your company.

Outsourcing can save you hours of trying to reach out to bloggers and website owners, foster relationships and train yourself in the art of SEO.

You can rather use this time to build customer relationships and manage your day-to-day business.

Access link building experts

Link City has spent many years building the company to master the art of SEO and link building. When you outsource your link building to Link City, you will reach a team of experts with many years of experience and established relationships with website owners in a variety of niches.

Through our extensive network, you will be offered a good link building strategy and access to high-authority sites.

Improve accountability

In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with the link building campaign, you can hold the outsourced link building agency accountable.

The company will then use its link building expertise to find the mistake and correct it or perhaps suggest a new strategy to compensate for the faults.


It may seem counterintuitive that outsourcing work you can potentially do in-house may be more affordable, but hiring an SEO agency like Link City is much cheaper than trying to build links yourself.

Employing a link builder is guaranteed to be more expensive, and their link building efforts may not deliver the same high-quality links as outsourcing would.

How Outsourcing Link Building Gains Links

Here are some ethical link building activities that are used by outsource link building agencies:

Editorial links

The most common links found online were not explicitly requested by another company but included as the link is relevant to the content. These types of links are called editorial links.

Large, established companies are more likely to receive editorial links as they have an established audience that reads and shares their content.

That does not mean that smaller companies cannot achieve editorial links. If you firmly believe your content is relevant and adds value, you can reach out to writers or website owners and influence your editorial linking.

Guest posts

Guest posting is a great way to win some backlinks ethically. It works by writing content for another website, including links to your site. Guest posting should be part of any content marketing strategy.

Link for link

The "link for link" concept is a "have my back, and I will have yours" strategy. You reach out to a website requesting a link placement on their site and offer a link placement on your site in return.

It must be noted that this is a widely used strategy; however, it could incur penalties from Google. Link City does not make use of link for link strategies.

Link City's Link Building Services

Here is a breakdown of Link City's services.

Outreach service

We have a database of websites and bloggers within every niche with whom we have established relationships.

Once you place your order, we reach out to our network to find websites that use keywords or produce content relevant to your niche. We then reach out to these sites or bloggers, requesting backlinks to your website.

Pre-approval of links and creation of snippets

Before any link goes live, we will first send it to you for approval. If you like the link, it will go live. If not, we will continue our research until we find a link and website that meets your expectations.

Our SEO team will also create a snippet for your and the other website's audiences.

Regular updates

You will be assigned a dedicated link manager that will regularly update you on how your order is progressing. You will receive feedback on how many links have been built, how successful they are, and how many links are still in progress.

Metric data

We will provide you with a report containing metric data once your links or guest posts are live. This review assesses how successful your links have been and how visitors interact with them and your site in general.

Link City's Backlink Packages

Link City offers two backlink packages for you to consider, or you can opt for a combination.

  1. Guest posts

, or blogging, are a way to expose your brand or company on other websites with a dedicated audience.

Our team of content creators writes blog posts with value and hyperlinks to your website, which are then posted on authoritative sites to generate clicks to your site organically.

  1. Niche edits

 can increase your web presence and strengthen your domain authority. To use this method, ask existing websites in your industry or niche to place a backlink on their already-indexed content.

Which Link City package should I choose?

There is no right or wrong answer, as both of Link City's packages will add value to your online presence.

If you are uncertain about which option is right for you, please 

 to discuss your options and needs with no strings attached!

Why Choose Link City As Your Link Building Agency?

Here are some more reasons why Link City is the right agency for your business:

Genuine outreach

We reach out to our database of websites that are authorities in their industries to secure links 100% of the time.

In-content links

All of our links are placed in the main body of the content. You will not find any links in the sidebar, footer, or comment section.

Top quality content

Our content writers are experts in the industry, and each article they produce will add value to your site.

Authoritative websites

Our database of websites only contains authoritative sites that have quality metrics. We will never reach out to low-quality or spammy websites for link building purposes.

Link Blueprint

If you are not sure where to begin when it comes to link building for your company, you have the option to 

, which can help you on your journey of building links and climbing search engine rankings.

What Our Clients Say About Link City

Hiring a link building service means you have to do your research and find a company with testimonials and positive client reviews.

Link City has received many positive reviews from our past clients, so check out our 


Outsource Link Building To Link City

When you feel ready to take the next step in your SEO journey, 

 here at Link City.

We have the best SEO experts, writers, and analysts, and access to the highest authority websites across various niches.

We only use white label link building strategies to achieve sustainable and successful results for our clients, so contact us today!


Why do you need link building services?

Outsourcing link building services helps you earn links from authoritative websites that direct consumers your way. A quality backlink profile will help you rank higher on SERPs, as your website will be deemed trustworthy.

Should you outsource your link building?

Outsourcing link building is a great idea. It saves you time and money, and can produce results faster than if you tried to do it yourself.

Outsourcing link building companies like Link City have a list of websites in various industries with whom they have built relationships, meaning they can reach a new website in less than 24 hours to acquire new links.

How do I choose a good link building agency?

Do your research before hiring a link building agency.

Read online reviews from other clients and request case studies and verified testimonials. Check out the company website and whether they have detailed information on their link building practices. Don't hesitate to ask questions, and expect clear answers so that you know how your money will be spent.


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