Are Press Release Backlinks Still Good For SEO? -
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Are Press Release Backlinks Still Good For SEO?

Craig Dewart

Written by Craig Dewart

Are Press Release Backlinks Still Good For SEO?
published April 27, 2023

Learn everything you need to know about press release backlinks from the team at Link City.

An excellent SEO option for both large and small businesses, press releases are an excellent strategy for gaining backlinks. Writing newsworthy content can bring in a considerable increase in organic traffic and, therefore, more customers and online sales.

But, in 2022, is a press release as valuable as it used to be, given the constant evolution of SEO?

Let's dig into it and explore the effectiveness of an engaging press release.

Press Releases: The Fundamentals

When someone has an important announcement, the best way to do so is to grab the media's attention so they can shine a light on it.

But how do you go about doing this?

The answer is: with a press release.

A press release is an effective way to distribute and announce news and events to the press and wider media. While they are usually written, press releases can also come in audio or video format.

You write or record an actual press release and distribute it to news reporters and publishers who are interested in what you have to say and want to share it with their consumer base. An effective press release is a powerful tool that can increase traffic to the relevant media outlet and to your own website.

Not only are these public announcements good for your brand, but a press release also has a critical SEO benefit.

It all involves backlinks.

If or when a news publisher talks about you, you can get high-value backlinks from the publisher's website, which will provide your website with link equity. However, you can also gain backlinks from other web admins who read the content.

Building backlinks is undoubtedly one of the more challenging aspects of SEO, but press releases are an ingenious method of building links quickly, ensuring they are high-quality and 100% natural so your website won't suffer any painful penalties from Google.

If done well, the results can be miraculous. Done wrongly, however, and not only is it a waste of time but those unpleasant penalties we just mentioned could make an appearance.

The Value Of A Press Release

Not only do they serve as an SEO benefit, but a press release is also a great way to add fresh, exciting content to your website.

Let's touch on some of the main benefits.

The first and most crucial point (regarding SEO value, that is) is that your website will acquire more backlinks. These links boost your overall SEO, particularly when the sources they come from have high authority.

It shows Google and readers that you have a high-quality website that they can trust because these other websites are referring to your site.

Brand visibility

Press releases offer so much more than just backlinks, however. It also increases brand authority and visibility indirectly. As journalists write or speak about your brand, potential clients will know more about your business and what good or services you provide.

They will often be likely to search your brand online through Google and their search engines, or even follow, give you a like, or comment on your socials.

Increase credibility

A press release can also go a long way to improving your brand credibility. People are much more likely to click on links about your offer if they know a little about your business.

Therefore, by having your brand name published and spoken about on well-known new sites, you can build increasing credibility for your brand over time, something that's not always as easy to do with regular content marketing.

Are Press Releases Still Worth It In 2022?

The media always needs a new talking point, so from this perspective, it's clear that press releases won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Not only will they give you high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites, but they can also start a chain reaction whereby your company or brand gets talked about online in various social media channels.

Focusing on getting the media's attention with something that will interest them instead of solely focusing on grabbing another backlink will stand you in good stead.

After all, you only need just one reporter to pick up on your press release. Ideally, they should be from respected media companies and news outlets.

How To Create An Effective Press Release

In brief, the best way to create a press release that's engaging and newsworthy is to:

  • Have an interesting piece of news that you want to share.
  • Have a punchy killer headline that's sure to grab attention.
  • Keep your press release short, snappy and to the point. Don't add fluff - ever!
  • Only share the press release with relevant media outlets and/or relevant companies.
  • Sit back, try to relax and await the results - monitor them regularly to make sure your strategy is working as it should.

Writing a press release that engages the media takes skill, so if you are unsure whether you can craft a killer press release to gain media coverage and those valuable backlinks, reach out to an agency like Link City that can professionally write it for you.


There are many different processes involved in creating a winning backlink profile. Some of these include writing high-quality content, using social media, reaching out to other websites and understanding your audience. The list doesn't end there, however - working with PR services, keeping your links and backlinks up to date and producing quality content are just a few other ways to boost your business.

Link building is a complex skill to hone. It takes time and dedication, and if you aren't 100% sure of what you are doing, the potential for things to go wrong is high. We always recommend using an agency such as Link City, which has the right people, with skills and plenty of experience, to create a foolproof link campaign for your website.

Link equity is also known as link juice and refers to the level of authority or value a link will pass onto the website with which it connects. The higher this authority, the more link juice will be gained by the site.

Search Engine Journal once said that a press release is a black hat tactic. Is this true?

Like anything else legitimate, a press release can become a black hat tactic if you do it shadily - cramming the release with links, for example, diminishes the SEO value of a press release.

When constructed correctly, online press releases are invaluable as long as you don't abuse their distribution to too many websites. Although they may not be as popular as they used to be in SEO, well-crafted press releases can result in impressive profits in terms of visibility and growth.

The reason for this is that they are not always successful, particularly when those writing them don't know precisely how to carry them out.

Thankfully, we are ready to create a media release with a great headline-worthy topic, packed (but not too packed) with keywords and tailored to your audience and your needs. Why not contact us at Link City and see how we can create a bespoke news release as part of your media campaign?

When you see the difference we can make to your website you'll wonder why you didn't speak to us sooner.

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