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Top 9 Benefits Of Link-Building

Craig Dewart

Written by Craig Dewart

Top 9 Benefits Of Link-Building
published August 19, 2022

The top link building Benefits from an effective link building campaign

The SEO community is no stranger to link-building. Nor are they unaware of the importance its part plays in the growth of a website.

They help domains and pages rank higher and increase visibility in the SERP. This means more organic traffic, user engagement, conversions, and more!

Sounds brilliant, right?

Looking a little deeper, you will find many more benefits to link building than meets the eye.

If you are thinking about building links for your website or the business you work for, this article will round up some of the best benefits of link-building to help you choose whether or not to proceed.

But I’ll bet you will…

Whether you like it or not, links are the staple diet for search engines like Google regarding ranking signals. It is almost impossible to rank without quality inbound links pointing to your site!

Let’s be clear, if you are going after low-competition keywords, you might stand a chance of ranking with absolutely stellar content. On the other hand, if you want to compete for serious keywords, you will need to have links to battle the competition in the SERPs.

When you have quality inbound links pointing to your site from relevant domains in your niche, your site looks trustworthy, and Google will favour you.

Links lend credibility to your site in the same way that someone vouches for the credibility of another.

If your friend, whom you trust a lot, tells you that their friend is trustworthy, you will immediately trust their judgement and the new friend.

Unless you’re living in an Agatha Christie novel, suspicious of everybody.

Links work in very much the same way. Authoritative sites ‘vouching’ for the trustworthiness of your site is a significant signal to search engines that the information on your site is reliable and valuable.

Always choose quality links over quantity, as the quality ones make a far more significant impact on rankings and domain authority.

Another helpful tip is to ensure that you spread your links over as many domains as possible, i.e. get ten links from 10 domains instead of 10 from 1 domain.

It’s no secret that links bring traffic to websites. After all, the internet's highways help people navigate the information they need and want.

Obtaining links from highly frequented sites with lots of traffic is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. Build links to relevant, authoritative, niche sites that engage with your target audience.

A targeted audience interested in your niche is key to success with links. Placing links on any old site won’t work…it needs to be specific to attract the right traffic to your site.

#4 More money flowing into your business

The more reputable and quality links you have, the higher your appearance in the SERP. Greater visibility in SERPs means more potential customers entering your site each day.

Because you appear authoritative in the niche, customers are more inclined to trust you and your product or service.

This is not always the case, and you need to ensure that your product or service is worthwhile before building links and getting traffic onto the site.

Build links that bring in the revenue!

#5 Improving the relationship you have with your niche

Creating links in your industry to other sites means you have a chance to build relationships with big players in the game.

Creating an authority site of your own could lead to collaboration or joint business ventures that are mutually beneficial.

Other sites might start to link to yours as your website provides good information and is seen as an authority in the niche.

#6 Link-building leads to higher site metrics and SEO scores

We all like seeing the numbers on a website, and link-building is one of the fastest ways to pump up your numbers!

Metrics like:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Referring Domains
  • Backlinks
  • Organic Traffic
  • Revenue

…and more will all be on the rise thanks to link-building!

Numbers rising are generally a great indication of the future growth of a site. More people will find your website, which will begin to snowball if you are fortunate.

#7 Better visibility in the SERP and more exposure

Authority sites get all of the traffic thanks to their link-building efforts! Search engine algorithms push the most pertinent information to the top of the rankings.

How does the search engine know what is essential?

Well, thats’ simple; it uses the authority of referring domains and the amount of referring domains/ backlinks to gauge where your website stacks up against the competition.

(There are far more ranking factors, so this is a straightforward summary of organising with link-building.)

Expanding your business into new geographical regions is far easier if you have established trust and credibility through link-building.

#8 Almost endless referral traffic

If you have acquired a solid and permanent link on an authoritative site, this can lead to long-term success.

Especially if the content is evergreen, it makes for fantastic lead generation!

Think about it this way, if you pay for an advert to run once. You need to pay again to run the campaign when it's finished.

Costly right?

A link doesn’t cost anything to stay on a website, and it will keep pulling in traffic as long as it is on the site and there are no issues with the target page.

Building a couple of high-authority links can lead to consistent traffic to your site, so you should always look for a diverse link profile if you want the numbers to stay consistent.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

#9 Reduced bounce rates

Links keep people on a website; as soon as they finish reading one article, linking to other relevant sources of information will keep visitors clicking through your website.

We have all heard the term bounce rate, but what does it mean?

Bounce rate is a measure of the single-page sessions on a website. In other words, if people only view one page on your website and leave, you will have an exceptionally high bounce rate.

The opposite holds for websites with multiple pages viewed by one visitor.

Many websites have a high bounce rate due to poor internal linking. This is easily fixed, and if navigation is easy on your site, users will stay longer and explore more.

The last word

Links are indeed the lifeblood of a website. There are obvious benefits like more website traffic and higher conversions. Still, many more benefits that help grow your website audience and brand awareness are not so evident.

In today’s internet madness, credibility and trust can be challenging. Scams and fake websites have made many people sceptical of new or unknown businesses, which is precisely why you need to combat the cynics with proof of authority.

Always build links with reputable and quality websites if you want your own to be seen in the same light.

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