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How Niche edits get you seo ranking results

Blog post by Craig Dewart - published at 11/4/2022

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to increase traffic and build your site's authority, then niche edits are the right choice for you. They're an effective way to link your site to other relevant sites within your niche and they start working almost immediately.

So, let's take a look at how niche edits work, the best ways to use them, and what to avoid.

What Are Niche Edits?

Niche edits are link insertions into existing articles that are relevant to your niche. The sites that are used for niche edit link placements usually have high domain authority and good exposure to your target audience.

They're an important part of link-building strategies and are a fairly easy way to increase traffic, improve your search engine rankings, and build authority for your site.

You may also hear niche edits referred to as contextual links, curated links, and broken link-building. The latter is slightly different as a broken link-building service will identify broken links on websites and place a link for your site there instead.

Using Niche Edits Effectively

Although using niche edit backlinks may sound fairly straightforward it does need to be done carefully. Link velocity and anchor text diversity need to be kept in mind.

The links also need to be relevant to the subjects of the articles. If not, then your website will most likely be punished by Google's search engine algorithms. This will damage your brand's reputation and cause you to fall back down the SERPs.

Niche edits are most effective when they're used as part of a wider link-building strategy. You should aim to have a good balance of niche edits, guest posts, and high-quality backlinks.

Link City's niche edits services help website owners to place links on sites that are authoritative and relevant to their niche.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Niche Edits?


  • Niche edit backlinks are placed on pages that have been indexed by Google and other search engines already.
  • Niche edits are quality links that are placed on pages with high authority and good-quality traffic.
  • They can earn more referral traffic for your website.
  • They're used by Google and other search engines to boost the rankings of your site for target keywords.
  • They give you a chance to pass on information to readers that's related to your niche which builds authority.
  • They take a lot less time and effort than guest posts.


  • It can be challenging to find niche-relevant articles.
  • Depending on your industry the number of relevant articles might be limited.
  • Without a team, niche edits can be difficult to scale.

Are Niche Edits White Hat?

All SEO methods have the potential to be used in an unethical way and niche edits are no different. If they're used in the wrong way then all forms of link-building can be used to game the system.

When used responsibly niche edits are considered to be an ethical, white-hat technique to increase traffic and enhance a site's credibility.

Google and other search engines may frown on link-building generally as they don't view it as a natural way of gaining links. However, if it's done in an ethical way then there is no risk of incurring penalties from Google or other search engines.

So, you may be wondering what differentiates white-hat niche edit methods from black-hat ones. Let's take a look.

White-hat niche edit links

White-hat niche edit links come from natural sources such as resource sharing or broken link-building. These are the highest quality backlinks and will gain your site the most traffic and authority.

An expertly managed link-building program from Link City focuses on these white-hat links to give you sustainable, secure benefits.

Links that are paid for rather than gained naturally are usually referred to as grey-hat links. This is because they're somewhere in between white hat and black hat.

Black-hat niche edit links

Black-hat strategies are used to cheat the system. They will often provide you with quick results like increased traffic. However, they cost a lot of money and aren't sustainable. Google will identify these strategies and your site will be penalized.

Something you should be particularly wary of are SAPE networks. These networks buy and sell aged links from highly authoritative websites. SAPE networks are able to boost traffic very quickly and rank your website higher in a short amount of time.

But, there's a huge catch.

The backlinks that you pay for could end up anywhere on the web. They most likely won't be on relevant sites and will usually appear on websites without the owner's consent. So, SAPE networks should always be avoided.

Are Niche Edit Links Built Or Hacked?

Niche edits are entirely built links that are placed on websites with the full permission and consent of the owner. At Link City, we have strong connections to website hosts within every niche you can think of.

We use these relationships to reach out to relevant sites and arrange to place niche edit links into their existing content. The links are placed into relevant blog posts and articles that are engaging to your target audience.

This then brings relevant traffic to your own site and will also lead to an increase in your conversion rates.

As mentioned, there are unethical ways to obtain niche edits such as hacking links and placing them into other people's content without their permission. However, this is something that a reputable link-building agency would never engage in.

Niche Edits Or Guest Posts?

Guest posting and niche edits are both great ways to build links. Which method is more effective for you will depend on the type of website you have and what your target audience is.

Generally, it's best to use both techniques as part of a successful link-building campaign. That way you can reap the benefits of both methods. For clarity, let's take a look at some of the differences between a niche edit and a guest post.

  • Guest posts are unique pieces of content that are posted on other relevant websites with links embedded into them.
  • When placing niche edits you can't control the title of the article or the subject.
  • Niche edits are a way of increasing traffic more quickly as they're placed into articles that are already indexed by Google.
  • Guest posts are more time-consuming to create than niche edits as original content needs to be written.
  • Niche edits give you a more immediate ROI than guest posts.
  • High-authority sites are sometimes more willing to accept requests for niche edits than requests for guest posts.

Start Climbing The SERPs With Your Own Niche Edits Campaign Today

If you're ready to boost traffic to your site and increase authority then you need a link-building campaign from Link City. Our

is just $199 and includes a comprehensive audit of your backlinks.

We can then determine a strategy to suit your website's needs and get you on the path to ranking at the top of the SERPs.


What's backlink outreach?

Backlink outreach is the process of reaching out to high-authority sites that are relevant to your niche and asking them to include a backlink to your site on their website. If you don't already have connections with other site hosts this can be tricky.

Link City has developed strong connections with site owners in every industry. We use these relationships to place high-quality backlinks on authoritative sites and to build the credibility of your own site.

What is Link Juice?

Link juice, also known as link equity, is the authority that's transferred from one page to another by a link between the two. If a page has high domain authority and we link your page to it, then some of this authority will be passed onto your page.

This is why it's always best to place links on pages with high domain authority rather than low authority. If you're not linking to high-authority sites then you're definitely missing out.

Are niche edits safe?

When done correctly, niche edits are a perfectly safe way of earning high-quality backlinks for your site. As long as they're acquired in a natural or semi-natural way then you won't face any penalties from Google.

Doing this yourself can be difficult and you risk making mistakes. Google hates mistakes and will punish you for them. This is why you should always leave link-building to the experts.


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