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Niche Edits

What are Niche Edits?

Niche Edits are a valuable way of placing a link within an existing and already indexed article.

At Link City, we secure our niche edits via means of personal outreach, relationship building and, most importantly, content fit.

Increasing your web presence and visibility.

Tier One packages

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Each niche edit hot domain destination page has 100+ organic visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Niche Edits just hacked links?

No. It is possible to secure niche edits via unethical means but that isn’t the Link City way and, objectively, it only yields short-term ranking increases. Instead, we develop long-lasting relationships with our clients by delivering great results via legitimate means.

More specifically, our backlinks are always built with the permission of the host webmaster which means they pose zero risk to your site’s credibility and will last for many years to come.

How long does your Niche Edits stay live for?

At Link City, just like our guest posts, we build our links by using organic, genuine link outreach methods. This means that the host domain owner has both given consent and has agreed to keep the link live for the duration of their website’s operation.

Additionally, Link City backlinks come with a 90-day life guarantee. However, rest assured that our team will work to keep your links functioning long after that period has expired.

How long does it take?

It takes approximately 7-14 days for our team to secure a fully-functioning link. That being said, depending on the complexity of the task, this period can extend to 30 days.

How safe is it to buy these links for my site?

Technically, link building is in conflict with Google’s guidelines, however, you shouldn’t let that put you off as legitimate link building is widely considered a white-hat practice. As such, where implemented legitimately, Google doesn’t penalise link building.

Furthermore, backlinks remain one of Google’s most influential ranking factors and so they are a vital component of any site that hopes to achieve that all-important #1 ranking position. To that end, the Link City team works to ensure that our clients’ links are both safe and effective.

So, if you’re worried, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Can you Drip feed Niche edits?

It is possible for us to drip feed your niche edits over time. However, due to the nature of Google’s indexing process, this is largely a redundant strategy as Google will most likely index all your new niche edits simultaneously.

As a result, the likelihood is that your new niche edits will go live at the same time, even if they are delivered incrementally.

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