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Should You Buy Backlinks in 2023

Kallia Stergianos

Written by Kallia Stergianos

Should You Buy Backlinks in 2023
published November 15, 2022

The do's and don'ts of buying backlinks in 2023.

Buying backlinks is a legitimate way to gain domain authority (DA) and boost your website's ranking.

When optimizing your site, you've probably asked yourself this question: should I buy backlinks? Well, you should - because paid links and backlinks could be the missing pieces of your SEO puzzle. Free link building tools are handy, but will only get you so far.

Hitting the SEO sweet spot can be difficult. There are numerous approaches to building a backlink portfolio; some are Google-approved, and others are not.

Paying for a backlink is often labeled as bad for optimization, but this is not always the case, especially when you have the assistance of SEO professionals.

At Link City, we specialise in finding you high-quality backlinks that will boost your DA. In this article, we'll explain why buying links should and can play a positive role in your 2022 SEO campaign.

Buying backlinks can be a bad idea (not when you buy backlinks via Link City, however).

There are no two ways about it: buying an excessive number of backlinks from the same site is considered a black hat SEO technique, and purchasing backlinks from a link farm is also regarded as poor practice. Both of these could land you in hot water with search engines.

Why are Google and other search engines against this kind of backlink commerce? Google strives to ensure that the top-ranking pages are in their position, not because they pay to get there but because their content holds genuine value.

A healthy backlink portfolio is just one essential factor in climbing up SERPs - but only when these links are acquired organically. Meaning that other sites link back to you due to the high quality of your content, not because you've given them money.

Buying cheap backlinks is always a bad idea. No matter how many backlinks you require, you should never throw in the towel and resort to buying spammy backlinks.

Google will flag your site if many of your backlinks come from the same source. Not only does this look spammy and unprofessional, but it also suggests that you've taken a lazy approach to backlink commerce. To boost your rankings, your backlink profile needs to be varied, with links from an array of reputable sources.

If you're caught mixing with link farms or other shady enterprises, Google will penalise your website without hesitation.

A link farm is a website or collection of websites that exists purely to create backlinks. They tend to have low DA and serve no real value other than pointing toward another website. Link farming was once an easy way to deceive Google bots, but not anymore.

Taking shortcuts to increase your DA isn't wise, but that doesn't mean all link buying is bad.

Link City hooks you up with quality SEO backlinks from genuine websites that provide value in their own right. We exist to re-establish paid links as a legitimate means of boosting your website and to distance the practice from the shady link farming methods of the past.

When you hire us to build links, we create high-quality content and reach out to the website owner for you.

If you'd like to include the best possible quality niche edits and guest posts in your link building campaign, check out our Link Playbook.

Google's Webmaster Guidelines say a lot about buying backlinks, but there's usually only one passage that gets people's attention.

Under the section titled 'Link Spam,' Google suggests that exchanging money for links, goods for links, or 'free products' could negatively impact a site's ranking position.

This is the section that most tend to focus on and take to assume that all types of bought links are a no-go.

However, in the same guide, Google also states that it: 'does understand that buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web.'

Despite Google's dislike for paid-for links, you shouldn't avoid the practice altogether. As we've already implied, it's more about the quality and source of your bought links. Low-quality links will land you in trouble with Google, while high-quality paid link building will help you ascend the search results.

Our chief aim for every client we work for is to deliver quality follow links from diverse and reputable sources. As much as the quality of the backlinks is important, the link sources' diversity is equally important.

We specialize in two backlink types: guest posts and niche edits. You can create a highly varied backlink profile within these two backlink groups.

Guest posts

This SEO and link building tactic involves writing a blog post for another website. This way, you can embed within the content some backlinks that point back to your website. They work like ordinary backlinks, as they still work as bridges between an authoritative site and your own content, which grants you some backlink power.

Not only do they work to build your site's DA, but they can help you establish an audience. A dedicated reader of a specific site will likely check your content out if they like what they read.

Guest posts are also good because they give you some control over the backlink itself: you choose the placement of the anchor text, the topic of the article, and the specific page that you link to. This way, you can use each post to maximise benefits.

Niche edits

Niche editing is finding relevant content that already exists and requesting that a backlink gets embedded within it. While we perform our backlink outreach, we will find content that's a perfect match for your site.

Both niche edits and guest posts will help you achieve increased referral traffic and higher DA.

As you're probably well aware, SEO is a multifaceted endeavour with many ranking factors to be considered. Next to keywords, quality content, and mobile friendliness, link building is just another piece of the puzzle.

However, successfully creating a backlink portfolio is especially powerful when optimising your content. Not only does it act as a vote of confidence from reputable websites, but it can also speed up the rate it takes your site to climb the search engine rankings.

You should use Link City to help you buy backlinks in 2023 for the following reasons:

Before SEO became a buzzword, it was easy to build backlinks with authoritative websites free of charge. However, since SEO has become the vast industry it is today, major websites have come to understand the value of backlinks. Not only that, but they see how much money they're losing by giving away backlinks free of charge.

These days, it's tough to find a top-ranking site with lots of authority willing to share its link juice - not unless you pay them. When it comes down to it, any company wanting an online presence must buy backlinks - simply because it's how SEO works.

For a fixed price, we'll perform a link outreach and find the best backlink opportunities for your website.

Trusting Link City to buy quality backlinks for your website saves time and effort. Writing quality content is a time-consuming part of the SEO process but a necessary one. Waiting for your page to reach the SERPs can also take a while - but it doesn't have to.

Securing backlinks from high DA will lead Google to acknowledge your site sooner than it would otherwise. Quicker acknowledgment means you can also climb the search results much faster.

Don't waste time looking for links yourself; buy backlinks from us, and let us secure the best possible niche edits and guest posts for your site.

How can link buying be cheaper than acquiring links for free? Because searching for backlinks yourself, acquiring free ones, and waiting for these links to produce results consumes your resources. When you buy links through us, you don't need to worry about wasting your time and resources on finding them.

Instead, you can dedicate more time to the other SEO aspects that you may have neglected otherwise. In the long run, paying for backlinks could be the better financial option.

It can lead to more backlinking

Buy backlinks from us, and we'll get the ball rolling. Once we produce high-value content and attain quality links pointing toward your site, Google will give you greater site authority, and your web pages will gain much wider exposure and recognition.

From this point, other sites will likely want to link towards your quality content, as you've been established in Google's eyes as an authoritative source.

Pay Link City to find your initial authoritative backlinks, and watch your organic backlink portfolio grow.


No. Google is pretty clear when it comes to buying backlinks. Grey hat SEO refers to any technique that hasn't been confirmed as white hat or black hat by Google, but is somewhere in between. Google has stated, however, that buying links from shady businesses is black hat SEO.

Yes, it's 100% legal to buy backlinks for your website. Google may not always agree with it, but there's nothing legally stopping you from purchasing backlinks.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line in this discussion is that high-quality links are worth the money.

When shopping for links, you will encounter many websites that warn you of the dangers of buying links. Although this argument is valid to some extent, paid backlinks are not always a bad thing. Buying from link schemes does go against Google's stance on good link building conduct, but there are ways you can buy links while also meeting search engine expectations.

The most successful link building strategies involve some degree of link buying. Site owners these days understand how much they can make from selling links - and they won't give away those spots for nothing.

Free link building techniques will only get you so far. When you buy quality backlinks from us, we guarantee they'll only work to benefit your webpage. Through niche edits and guest posts, we can ethically secure you top-class backlinks. Tap our link building services today!

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