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Link Building Services
published November 3, 2022

How Link City's link building services and packages work to help your website rank higher

Link City is a link-building agency that offers premium link-building services at affordable prices. Our variety of link-building packages, including guest posting and niche edits, can be customized to suit your brand's strategy.

When you choose Link City to deliver link-building efforts on your behalf, you - the owner of the company or manager of the website - will have more time to focus on other areas of the business and you do not have to be concerned about SEO link building

A link-building company like Link City is responsible for digital marketing and SEO to enhance the online business of companies and brands.

Our link-building strategies include seeking out backlinks - also called hyperlinks - from third-party websites and getting these links to direct traffic to your site. Having several high-quality backlinks linking to your website is an important ranking factor when it comes to Search Engine Optimization to increase your website's domain authority and presence online.

Google and other search engines will deem sites with a strong backlink profile as authoritative websites in their industry and will rank them higher on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).

Link City offers a variety of SEO link-building services and packages to help your business website rank higher through building links from other sites to yours.

Here is a breakdown of Link City's link-building services:

Outreach Service

Once you have made the decision to work with us and have placed your order, you can send us your URLs, chosen keywords, and preferred anchor text. Our team of expert SEO analysts will then reach out to websites in your niche that offer quality content.

Link City has a database of websites in a variety of niches that we contact for quality links.

Once we have reached out to high-quality websites and sourced backlinks, we will contact you and present you with the backlink for pre-approval before the link goes live.

You can then decide whether you like the selected link or website that will be linking to you, and if not, we will reach out to more sites in your niche.

Our SEO team will create a snippet for you and the blogger's audience.

Managers dedicated to keeping you up to date

Our dedicated team of link managers will constantly update you on how your project is progressing. You will be presented with weekly data to see how many links have already been established and how many the team is still working on.

A detailed report

Apart from weekly updates, you will also receive a detailed report that will include all your metric data once your links guest posts or niche edits are live.

And it really is as easy as that when you choose Link City!

As we mentioned earlier, we offer two backlink packages: guest posting and niche edits (or you can combine the two!). Let's look at each of these services in more detail.

1. Guest Posting

What is a guest post?

A guest post is when you write a blog or article to be posted on someone else's website. These posts will include links back to your own website and is a way of ethically sourcing backlinks. It is part of white hat link building - a practice approved by search engine algorithms.

Benefits of guest posting

Guest posts will increase your business' authority and increase your credibility. It is also a great way to connect with other experts in your niche and increase your brand's awareness.

Apart from building backlinks, guest posts can help get more organic traffic to your website, and a well-written guest post such as the posts produced by Link City can increase your subscribers.

Link City's Guest Post Packages

Link City's guest posts contain a minimum of 500 words but can be tailored to your own needs. We offer three tiers when it comes to your guest post packages:

  • Tier 1: Referring domains of 30+ and 100+ organic visitors.
  • Tier 2: Referring domains of 45+ and 100+ organic visitors.
  • Tier 3: Referring domains of 60+ and 100+ organic visitors.

2. Niche Edits

What are niche edits?

Niche edits are often also referred to as contextual links or curated links. This service is centred around incorporating links within an existing article or on any website using SEO anchor texts.

To achieve this, Link City reaches out to website owners within your niche and requests that your link be placed within existing articles. We secure these links for you through blogger outreach and building personal relationships with website owners.

Benefits of niche edits

Niche edits do not require any writing or creation of blogs as the links are placed within existing content. Because of this, it is a relatively fast strategy that can be implemented to drive traffic to your website.

Link City offers three tiers of niche edits, from Tier 1 to Tier 3. Each of these Tiers offers affordable niche edits to help your brand grow.

There is no one right answer!

Each company and brand has different requirements, and at Link City, we will devise a strategy that best suits your business needs. Both guest posts and niche edits have a variety of benefits in terms of link building, and a combination of these services is also possible to achieve the best results.

Please reach out to Link City to discuss your needs and help us to create a strategy that best works for you.

If you are uncertain about where to begin when it comes to links for your website, you can buy our Link Building Blueprint which will provide you with guidance on how many links you should use, and the velocity of your backlinks.

Real Outreach

Link City has a database of authoritative websites in a variety of niches, and we only reach out to the owners of websites with top-quality content to secure backlinks.

The links we source or provide are always placed within the body of the content. None of our backlinks will be found in a sidebar, footer, or comment section.

Top Quality Content

We have a team of qualified, expert content writers who deliver top-quality content that will bring value to your website. Our guest posts do not contain any fluff and will contain relevant keywords and anchor text to divert to your site.

Authoritative Sites

We will only ever reach out to websites that have high authority in your specific niche and also have quality metrics. We will never choose spammy websites or low-quality forums to build your links.

What Our Clients Say

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our past and current clients that are satisfied with our link-building offerings.

If you want to see what our customers have said about us, check out our reviews on Trustpilot.

We promise to deliver expert and professional services from the start. Our link-building service includes a bespoke link-building campaign that is specifically catered to your individual business.

Whether you choose our guest posting or niche editing packages (or both), we promise that you will see an increase in organic traffic to your site through our link-building offerings.


Link City aims to source or provide links that are completely relevant to your website or web page that you wish to link to. The link will be placed on a relevant keyword or anchor text which will link to a title on your preferred web page.

Sometimes, website owners or bloggers have not yet written about your topic, which makes niche edits a challenge. In this case, we will propose a guest post, or go for a post that may not be directly related, but still relevant, to your page.

Link City does! We have a permanent team of competent content writers who have all the skills necessary to write the perfect guest post, using the best SEO practices and white hat link-building techniques.

All our guest posts are authoritative and will add value to your domain.

How quick is your turnaround time?

Link building is a sustainable practice that takes time to do correctly. This means that your order will be completed in about four weeks.

This does not mean you will only see results within four weeks. Our link-building tactics include our "drip feed" technique, which means we will begin providing you with your first links within the first few days after placing your order.

Are discounts available?

We understand that money can be tight, which is why Link City offers discounts when bulk orders are placed.

To learn more about our discounts, make sure to contact us to discuss your options.

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